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Heads of state to combat neo-protectionism

With the international financial crisis deepens, countries have introduced schemes to stimulate the economy, but also use the opportunity to a new resurgence of protectionism, for which countries have expressed concern about the politicians and critics.

February 10, Japanese Finance Minister Shoichi Nakagawa said that the World Trade Organization, all members should abide by the principle of trade liberalization, “We have in the ‘Great Depression’ during the taste-off of trade protectionism lesson”, if the same steel imports tariff re-implemented, it would be “disastrous.”

British Prime Minister Brown, February 9 in the Parliament said European countries must be on guard against “protectionism.” The international community should use the upcoming G-20 meetings, such as the International Monetary Fund reform such international financial institutions, so that the world economy away from the “financial protectionism” and “economic nationalism.”

Czech President Vaclav Klaus said on February 9, in the world to deal with the economic crisis period, the implementation of trade protectionism is not desirable. Czech Prime Minister Topolanek said that the implementation of the principle of trade protectionism may be extended throughout the crisis, but also will hinder the EU’s internal unity.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also has a number of occasions expressed opposition to trade protectionism over and over again, she warned the United States due to global economic crisis should not be trapped in the quagmire of trade protectionism.

Canadian Prime Minister Harper in recent days the United States relating to trade protectionism against the provisions of criticism that it is not only a violation of World Trade Organization agreements and the North American Free Trade Agreement of the spirit, but also broke the United States to promote its own commitment to eliminate global trade barriers, but also contrary to last year, held in Washington in November of the Group of 20 financial summit in the spirit. He urged the U.S. side fulfill its international commitments.

Dutch Finance Minister February 9 pointed out that developed countries should have responsibility for financial crisis, if the means of recourse to protectionism would be tantamount to allowing developing countries to this crisis “bill.”

British business minister Peter Mandelson has warned that the current existence of a real danger that some of the government and enterprises to protectionism as a panacea, “but in terms of economic recovery, it is a poison.” The last century, people should learn a lesson from the 30’s, in the 21st century should not repeat the same mistakes. He said, “would certainly protectionist economy from recession into depression.”

In this year’s Davos World Economic Forum, become a strong tone against protectionism. Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso said: “We will resolutely struggle and protectionism.”

In order to curb protectionism in many countries throughout the world leaders called for strengthening global coordination, a common response to the current economic crisis.


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Rubber Flooring: Andromeda


~ 500 mm x 500 mm
Thickness: 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm

~ 600 mm x 600 mm
Thickness: 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm

(Rolls) Width: 1.2m Length:10m – 15m
Thickness: 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm

click on the images for a larger view













Notice: Because screen rendering, brightness and contrasts can vary, the colour image shown above can only represent an approximate guide to the actual colour of the product. If the colour required is critcal then please request a colour sample from our sales department.

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CES show the first time in Facebook and YouTube publicity

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Fear the impact of global economic turbulence, about 2700 television sets, computers, mobile phones, chips and other technology products manufacturers in the January 8-11 in Las Vegas in 2009 at the International Consumer Electronics Show ( CES) to display their latest achievements in technological innovation.

To participate in this exhibition are in films, television programs and digital music of the film company. They will be increasingly linked with the Internet. CES exhibition inevitably be online trends. People’s attention have been many technical online trends.

CES show the first time in popular social networking site Facebook Web site, a brief description of their web pages. CES will also be a video group in their own YouTube channel released the exhibition site of the video content.

CES spokesman said Tara Dunion, we are a technology trade show. This is our show participants ways to communicate with each other. We will know we are interesting things and get feedback.

CES show is a well-known local business and marketing new products popular place, CES exhibition participants will hold an average of more than a dozen behind-the-scenes meetings.

Related to the CES show, including rumors that Microsoft will launch Zune music player upgrade machines, designed from Apple’s iPod music player, but to capture a MP3 player market, ranking the first place. Microsoft will also use the exhibition to introduce its Windows 7 operating system.

Palm is expected to launch a thorough update of the operating system. This is the Palm to resume in the smart handheld device market of the past glory of a last-ditch effort. Palm was a pioneer in this field, but later lost to competitors.

Cable TV equipment manufacturer Digeo will also launch an innovative digital media recorders. Such devices can connect to the Internet services and TV.

TV screens for home theater and the growing wealth of picture is very good equipment. TV screen in the CES show will once again cause for concern. A growing number of senior-pixel quality products for the 3D viewing experience to provide a stage.

NVIDIA is responsible for GeForce business Ujesh Desai, vice president, we believe that 3D technology will be next year’s rapid growth.

Although the TV in general are the central topic CES show, but this year’s focus should be prominent from the analog signal to digital signal conversion. U.S. government provides the United States starting in February this year to enforce from analog to digital conversion.

In addition, analysts said, because of Sony’s Blu-ray high-definition support for DVD has been in last year’s CES exhibition victory over Toshiba’s HD DVD format, Blu-ray DVD in this year’s exhibition growth momentum.

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U.S. tech industry has 100 days to lay off more than 100,000 people (map)

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According to foreign media reports that the United States well-known technology blog Techcrunch site statistical report released Friday said this year from Aug. 27 to start the five-week period (100 days), the United States a total of 300 different Types of technology and media companies to be laid off, the total job cuts exceeded 100,000 mark, reaching 109,629 people.

This year the United States after the financial crisis, the U.S. technology industry has suffered huge blow, especially a large number of technology start-ups are forced to lay off up a big stick, a phenomenon this year in September to November during the performance of the parties.

To enter in December, the United States of large technology companies have begun large-scale layoffs. Sony announced Tuesday that it would cut 8,000 employees; AT & T last week announced that it would lay off 12,000 people; Alcatel-Lucent (Alonso) Friday said it would cut 1,000 management jobs; Yahoo on Wednesday sent 1,500 staff Dismissal notices; CBS (CBS) Interactive’s department this week also CNet, site, such as layoffs, of which 275 were laid off CNet.

Techcrunch said the 109,629 people laid off the amount of statistical data may be missing, the U.S. technology industry since by the end of August this year, since the actual number of layoffs may be higher than this figure.

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British media said NASA Cover-wood found on Mars

This photo shows the wheels on Mars and India, the rover had run over the timber-like objects
British media reported on December 3, NASA (NASA) Web site published in 2004 by a “Opportunity” rover back of the photo, however, the picture recently on the Internet led to “the existence of Mars Forest “argument: that, in this clear picture, there appears to be a” rotten wood “thing! This is the root of “rotten wood” Clearly it can not be taken to the rover on the surface of Mars. Some people think, NASA cover up to the world of “the existence of forest on Mars,” the truth; some people believe that this root wood in the shape of “man-made objects”, so that may exist on Mars, “prehistoric civilization”; also believe that the root of “rotten wood” may NASA is a spoof of experts to deal with photos from the “prank.” In the face of an avalanche-like Zhi Yisheng, a NASA expert in a recent interview, claiming that the root of “rotten wood” is actually a piece of wood appears to be no more than the Mars rock.

NASA says Mars conspiracy to conceal the existence of forest

In 2004, NASA’s “Opportunity” rover on Mars from “Endurance Crater” near the back edge of a photo of Mars, NASA this photo was published in the official website of its own database, clear pictures Show a “rotten wood” the same thing. NASA officials do not always due to the root of this “rotten wood” to provide any explanation on the Internet appeared in a variety of arguments.

Conspiracy theorists said that this “piece of rotten wood,” NASA official photographs apparently inadvertently leaked, NASA has Mars in the world to hide the truth! NASA Mars claimed was a “waste of the World”, on Mars there may be a large number of forest, the root “rotten wood” is one of the evidence. Conspiracy theorists said, suggesting this picture of Mars until recently, the existence of water, the root because it “rotten wood” may be the current drift to shun “Endurance Crater” near the edge, because it seems the root surface of the wood is still intact Therefore, it is definitely here to flow in the 40 years since the existence of a wood can not be tens of thousands of years.

Conspiracy theory supporters said, in the 1970s, the United States “Viking” Mars probe has photographed the surface of Mars looks like a number of “forests”, but NASA did the same to these “trees” to make any explanation.

Food, said NASA employees tampered with photos

Some Internet users to exclude the photos for the possibility of tampering with mischievous friends, this is because of the high-resolution photos on their own published in the official NASA website. If someone tampering with a photo of Mars, NASA may be within the prank. One possibility is that some NASA employees and the people of the world would like to open a joke, then used image-processing software produced by this photo.

In fact, if carefully watching this picture, you can find “a piece of rotten wood,” shows that the shadow of the sun almost straight at the “rotten wood” at the top of the “Opportunity” rover has revealed that the shadow of the sun in a different direction.

Experts said that the misunderstanding a “rotten wood” is a rock

Due to this photo on the Internet has aroused great controversy, the United States, “the universe today,” an interview with a NASA Web site rover panoramic camera, chief scientist at Cornell University professor Dr. Jiemubeier, in the face of an interview with reporters, Bell said the photo The “rotten wood” is a rock. Bell said: ” ‘Opportunity’ rover on Mars can often get this show on the ground, flat rocks. When I first saw this picture, I think, Oh, it looks like a really Wood, but then I want to: Oh, look how interesting piece of stone. ”

Beierboshi said, NASA Mars can not hide the existence of the woods, or prehistoric civilization, “the truth” because NASA is a government agency that it hoped to create a new rocket, carrying astronauts to return to the moon or Mars, these plans and other space mission Require a huge budget.

NASA experts said on Mars in the past 40 years, there can be no movement of water, but do exist on Mars, the ancient glaciers. NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has been detected on Mars rock Duixia the existence of dozens of kilometers long of a huge glacier, but the glaciers may be 2 million years of history.

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Apple 3G version of iPhone mobile phone share rose to 17%

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Oct. 8, according to foreign news media, the up-to-date sales data provided by the NPD Group survey agencies showed that 3G version of Apple iPhone mobile phone market share was growing rapidly in the U.S. smartphone market.

At present, Apple’s mobile phone market share has accounted for 17% of the second, just below the RazR2 Motorola cell phone. In the release version of the 3G mobile phone, Apple’s share of 11%.

150,000 to the research firm’s consumer survey shows that in order to get Apple iPhone mobile phone, 30 percent of iPhone buyers to switch to AT & T’s network. U.S. operator Verizon Wireless customers up to the loss in the switch to AT & T network users account for 47% of the total, followed by T-Mobile, accounting for 24%, Sprint customers in the conversion of 19%.

Research director of industry analysis Ross Rubin said in a statement: “Apple’s low-cost 3G mobile phone version of the iPhone’s release so that the whole smartphone sales to benefit consumers, Apple introduced the iPhone the first mobile phone has won the AT & T customers, 3G mobile phone version of the iPhone The faster the speed of the network to attract more consumers to use their 3G networks. ”

Director said in the U.S. smartphone market, the current version of the 3G Apple iPhone mobile phone sales are over the BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Pearl and the Palm Centro phone.

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IBM opened four four new cloud computing centers

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Sept. 25, according to foreign media reports, IBM Wednesdays opened Cloud Computing Centers in the four countrie, local businesses, universities and government departments will be able to test the services and applications that based on Web.

The four new cloud computing center are located in high-tech capital of Bangalore, India, Hanoi, Vietnam, Brazil’s largest city, Sao Paulo and the capital, Seoul, Korea. At present, IBM has been on a global scale has a 13-yun Center.

IBM India Software Lab’s vice president said Ponani Gopalakrishnan, cloud computing is a relatively new technology, the need to use their model to study the issue. Gopalakrishnan pointed out that the cloud computing model allows companies and individuals through the Internet remote access services for PC, cloud computing center construction and other infrastructure will allow companies flexibility to manage their own demands and supplies IT infrastructure.

Gopalakrishnan said India’s cloud computing center will serve as the corporate and academic institutions to configure and test the application of experimental platform, and IBM have a partnership of academic institutions are free to use this platform, but companies need to pay to use. The center offers a host of the use of cloud computing application of the scale of production, India is expected to academic institutions to use cloud computing to develop e-government applications and to study cloud computing model configuration.

India’s Asian Paints paint dealers, general manager of IT, said Deepak Bhosale, cloud computing will help the company to provide its global IT services division, without the need for construction of additional infrastructure.

IBM said the Brazilian Association for the Promotion of Software and SOFTEX Vietnam Association VNTT technology and telecommunications, among others, will be the new cloud computing center of the first customers.

Gopalakrishnan said the inadequate problem of communications bandwidth in the emerging countries as India will not be the bottleneck of cloud computing model. For example, the number of cell phone application is developed around the cloud computing model.

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One Net Technology Limited: Mozilla will launch mobile phone version of Firefox browser by 2010

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A few days ago, chairman of Mozilla Fund MitchellBaker announced a series of development goals of the company in the next two years in his blog, including launching mobile phone version of Firefox browser by 2010.

According to foreign media reports, Becker said that the company will provide mobile communication market development of a more efficient browser, so that more public data on the Internet and existing mobile communications products to be more effective.

Becker introduced, mobile version of Firefox browser will be used with the PC version of the same appearance. He said that the company will work to secure more market share of Firefox, while also developing an updated browser technology to help users have better information and management.

Becker said that the mobile phone version of the Firefox browser will be available in 2010, but he did not give a specific time.

Becker also mentioned other plans of Mozilla Foundation in the blog, including promoting the open source movement and education and help other open-source community open all content.

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Apple produced processor based on the ARM core for iPhone

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September 16 – the future of the Apple iPhone will use specialized processors by Apple’s new PA semiconductor design team. The magic social network confirmed that Apple plans to create their own ARM-based processor for the next version of the iPhone.

“The New York Times” over the weekend found that the development of Apple’s processor, Senior Manager Wei-han Lien in LinkedIn profile on the site. Introduction of this description of his work including management of Apple’s ARM processor design team, has expanded his previous team in the PA semiconductor scope of work.

Apple this matter in the acquisition early this year when the semiconductor company PA very clear. Apple is to develop its own iPhone chip. However, as the “New York Times” pointed out, Apple has never specifically stated that it plans to produce processor. At present the use of smart phones in the many different processor chips are based on the ARM core.

However, Apple chief executive Steve Jobs said that Apple is planning to allow engineers to iPhone chip production systems. In other words, including processors, the entire package.

Another powerful hint is that Intel (blog) official Pat Gelsinger expressed regret to fail to win the chip design of the next generation of iPhone and Apple apparently decided to buy ARM core framework permits.

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Yahoo’s mobile search service landed AT & T mobile phone network

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T & T Corporation Monday said they would gradually add the Yahoo search service to the mobile networks menu of 70 million users in the United States.

AT & T plans to use their mobile Internet portal Yahoo’s oneSearch to provide a set of mobile Internet services, including news links, financial information, weather, online album service Flickr and mobile Web search. This is two companies in January this year, revised part of the cooperation agreement. In the original agreement, Yahoo need to AT & T’s broadband computer network TV (Internet TV) and mobile phone customers to provide search and advertising services. The updated agreement, AT & T’s will provide customers with local search information.

The new agreement replaces the Yahoo and AT & T in 2001 signed a broadband network revenue-sharing agreement, the old agreement only applies to register to use the U.S. phone company broadband Internet access users.

At the same time, Yahoo and Verizon Communications in a similar agreement in the broadband computer expanded the scope of cooperation contracts. In addition to the Yahoo Verizon’s broadband and TV network users with network services, also expand the scope of services to mobile phone users.

Yahoo, one of the rivals Google and Verizon in negotiations, hoping to become the company’s mobile phone network, the priority search service providers. Verizon is the second largest mobile operator, once they acquire local wireless service provider Alltel deal was approved by the relevant authorities will exceed the current market leader AT & T.

Yahoo said they had 60 and the global reach and cooperative relations between operators, the total number of users for nearly 800 million mobile phone networks OneSearch service. These relations of cooperation throughout Asia, Europe and Latin America. With AT & T’s plan implemented, has announced an agreement in the two-thirds have been started. A Yahoo spokesman said, OneSearch has become the Philippines two operators – Smart and Globe – the largest use of the service.

In addition, Yahoo’s search service in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe also very popular. Yahoo’s services in these areas, mainly through T-Mobile, France Telecom’s Orange and Telefonica’s O2 and other operators to provide the agreement.

IDC wireless analyst Scott Ellison said in a statement, ” the cooperation with AT & T will enable Yahoo to reach10 million mobile Internet users, providing advertisers for the scale in the United States.”

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